Colourful twenties


Yesterday I was searching a book in my bookshelf and I found something I didn’t remember to have, it is an encyclopedia of women’s fashion dated 1924. I set down and I started to read it delighting myself with the beautiful drawings about colour-matching. I am very glad to share with you the first picture about white matching which is considered perfect if combined with orange (I), light blue(II), deep blue (III) and bright blue (IV), cherry (V), gold (VI), brown, black, purple, plum, green and deep violet.



I find these “perfecta intonation” (perfect matching) beautiful and incredibly modern; I chose some other pictures to show you. The first one is about white-green-black matching with blond hair; the second one shows the strong colour choice and triple superb combination and harmony of golden yellow, black and red, in the last one you can see two ladies wearing blue and silver dress (left) and brown with  golden yellow matching, both delightfully combined with brown hair.


GetAttachment1    GetAttachment2    FIG 14 - 15 (2)

Don’t you find how amazing is the fact that this study of colour combination can be applied to fabrics and clothes? Unfortunately I often see unpleasant matching of colour and shapes in shop windows and in the street, then even reading a long lost encyclopaedia finds my own taste for beauty and harmony  feed.


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