Bonfanti Tessuti Launches “Platino” 300/2

Bonfanti Tessuti Launches “Platino” 300/2   As the tireless artisan in shirting experimentation and research, Bonfanti Tessuti is proud to announce her new fabric entitled “Platino”*. This ultra-luxury shirting will add to the existing range of luxury fabric currently woven by the mill.   In stark contrast to the mill’s shuttle-loomed 90-cm width traditional shirting […]

Bonfanti Tessuti: Weaver of Wearable Emotions

Bonfanti Tessuti: Weaver of Wearable Emotions “I like considering myself an artisan who produces emotions to wear.” – Giancarlo Bonfanti Lake Como, a retreat for affluent Italians since Roman time. To shirting enthusiasts it means a bit more: it is the home to two of the most highly regarded luxury shirting mills in Italy: Carlo […]

Roman sculptures and clothes.

I have recently visited the exhibition space for the Musei Capitolini in the former Giovanni Montemartini Thermoelectric Centre in Rome. The building is an extraordinary example of industrial archaeology converted into a museum, began in 1997 with the transfer of hundreds of sculptures to the new location during the restructuring works carried out across much […]